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Update on life in Kinshasa

it's been a while since I've blogged, here is an update! I went home for Christmas! It was nice to see my family and have a break from Kinshasa. I really enjoyed myself, wish I could have stayed longer! I have settled in a little bit more in Kinshasa, work is good and I like my French classes, but it still doesn't quite feel like home yet. Hopefully one day it will. Everything I do, outside of work, is in French, which is good for learning, but bad when I don't understand much. I feel a bit left out a lot of times. It was the same in Korea when everything was done in Korean,but I had an outlet when I went to church and when I hung out with my friends. Here, church is in French, I don't have friends to hang out with, and there isn't much entertainment. When I do go out or have visitors come over, the conversations are in French, so I'm not really included in them,even if they are about me. So, it's been difficult to make connections. I think it's safe to say that out of all the places, I've been abroad, this one has been the most difficult transition. It's like two different worlds. I miss my sense of freedom. I will give it more time though :-(....I know this entry was a little less upbeat, but I just wanted to share the ups and downs that come with living abroad. Next entry will be more upbeat because I am going to talk about Congolese weddings... stay tuned!! and On a happier note.... get married in less than 6 months! :-)

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Life,so far, in Democratic Repubic of Congo

As some of you may or may not know, I got engaged and moved to Congo (Kinshasa)! If you had have asked me years ago where would I be today, I would not have guessed in the heart of Africa. What a sweet surprise! When I mention that I live in DRC, I get many questions like: "Is it safe there?!?", "What are you doing in DRC?", " Do they have _____ there?" (fill in the blank with anything from animals roaming around to cable TV). I want to answer those questions and more in this blog.

The first question I will answer is, "What are you doing in DRC?"

I'm working at an English speaking pre school where we have kids from Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Congo, USA, France, Belgium, etc. I teach 4 year olds, alongside my co worker, Sendi. We have 12 students in our class and each of us are responisble for 6 of them. The kids are adorable and they are busy, like typical 4 year olds.

Besides working, I'm taking a class at the French Institiute. My classmates are from India, Turkey, Yemen, China, Korea, and Guinea. We all get a good laugh at each other trying to speak French. There are many languages and local dialects around DRC, but in Kinshasa, the main languages spoken are French and Lingala. I'm picking up on French very nicely now. I'm surrounded by French speakers, so I have no choice but to pick up on it and practice. I am slowly picking up on Lingala, as well

On top of work and French class, I'm planning a wedding! Wedding planning has been going smoothly, Bem and I have a date and venue picked out already in a small outside of Paris. I knew I wanted to get married there as soon as we drove up and the icicng on the cake is that the venue provides, the food, DJ, drinks, and a few decorations! That's very helpful since we are planning from another country. We chose France as the wedding destination because it's a halfway point for my family and Bem's family.

What is there to do in Kinshasa?

There isn't much entertainment as far as movies, malls,etc goes, but we have the Congo River, it's nice to take a stroll along it. Also, there are a few nice bars, restaurants, and clubs. There are concerts and comedy shows that come to town,

Here is a video of one of the hottest songs out now, it shows some of the popular places here in Kinshasa and they are speaking in Lingala. If the Link doesn't work, go to Youtube and search for "Zonga" by Tony Sad

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